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 Easy Weight Loss
for Busy People

Win the Weight Loss Game
with Dr. Keith Jeffery

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An incredible 50% of North Americans need to lose weight.
One out of two of us carries
too much fat!

North Americans have spent a fortune on books and the newest programs, tried each latest fad diet, swallowed useless pills and purchased gimmicks, without success.

I'd like to charge you several hundred dollars for this program, I'd love to sell you special food and supplements every week forever - but they are NOT necessary to lose weight - so I won't do it.

Accept it. It's time to get out of the fairy tale and wishful thinking. You can lose weight, but not by magic, not with gimmicks, and not overnight.

Rapid weight loss, quick weight loss, fast weight loss programs sell well, but they DO NOT WORK!

Healthy weight loss works, and we make it easy, using the secrets and strategies found in this exciting audio CD!

Fact is, most people have absolutely no idea of the true reasons they gained this weight in the first place.

And they have no clue about what they can do that will really work.

Many people have simply given up...

If you have tried and failed, if you have all but given up, then it's time to try "Easy Weight Loss for Busy People".

Why? Because this audio CD offers an effective and easy weight loss plan, filled with dynamic and fun secrets that will not only help you lose weight, but feel better, more energized and a whole lot stronger.

* If you are ready to get serious, if you are ready to look at the issues, if you are ready to take personal responsibility...

Then take effective action.
Easy Weight Loss for Busy People NOW.

No reading, no calorie counting, no starvation,
no pain and no gimmicks to buy

Just a step by step approach for those of you that are ready to lose weight and keep it off.

"In October we purchased your audio only DVD on weight loss as we had started to try and lose weight together.  We sat and listened to it for the entire hour or however long it was and it gave us the mental motivation to lose our weight.

(6 months later) I have lost 28 pounds since mid October and Bob has lost over 30."   
S. Rodgers, BC

Easy Weight Loss for Busy People CD Features:

The ultimate weight loss program. A multi-faceted, complete strategy that offers:

- extremely effective mental tactics that work!
- unexpected reasons that you are overweight in the first place, and what to do about them
- one key, dependable and EASY eating approach
- the answer to the perplexing high protein/ high fat, low fat and high carb/low carb debate
- "no dieting" weight loss
- eating at home
- surviving the restaurant experience
- special weight loss foods
- dangerous, "avoid at all cost" foods
- effective exercise approaches
- special exercises that work
- powerful centering meditation
- and - most importantly - finding and using resourceful, unstoppable attitudes!

With "side effects" like... better sleep, more energy, and reduced heart burn.

Absolutely perfect for today's busy lifestyles.

Have you tried dieting? And failed, again and again?

Easy Weight Loss for Busy People will help you understand and then easily overcome the intense, persistent pressures you face, pressures that actually encourage you to fail.

"Logical, easy and effective, this dynamic weight loss product offers a fresh new approach to losing weight permanently, without suffering."

"You gotta try this CD! It really works!"


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IMPORTANT NOTE: Always check with your health care provide before beginning any exercise and diet program.

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Tired of all the reading?
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Then sit back
and listen to
"Easy Weight Loss for Busy People"

"Your CD
on weight loss
I love your


Dietary Survival
Audio CD

1. To begin

2. Winning

3. Food...a time
and a place

4. Eating game

5. Home is where
the heart is...

6. "Eating out"
survival skills

7. Use it... or "it"
gets fatter

8. Getting a...
"head start"

9. Meditation


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